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Forget about constructing buildings — create entire worlds! The game has a unique world-building gameplay mechanic with players spending their resources on building tiles which become living terrain. This terrain generates Ether and gives birth to Creatures that can be collected and deployed into battle. Collect and fuse creatures and fight for your world or conquer others’! The game also includes an extensive multiplayer component with asynchronous PvP powered by user-generated worlds and creatures (which can be «fused» together). There are more than 180 creatures in total, including Wolves, Dragons, Witchdoctors, Scorpion Kings, and even a mighty Colossus. Find and rule them all!

Release year: 2014

Genre: Strategy

Platform: iOS, Android

Key features:

  • Mind-blowing gameplay. Create entire worlds and feed them to your creatures!
  • Fast battles. Beat your opponent in just 60 sec — faster than making a cup of coffee!
  • Collection-based. More than 180 mighty creatures from Wolves to Dragons, Witchdoctor to Scorpion King and even Colossus! Find them all, rule them all
  • Online and Offline. No need for constant connection to play. No more interruptions
  • Enjoy PvE and PvP even when you are offline! No limits
  • Forget about stamina to replenish or buildings to construct. Fight enemies anytime you want
  • Skill-based ratings. Use unique combinations for each battle. Sharpen your skills and become the mightiest Etherlord!