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Folk Hero

Chudo-Yudo Games development team and publisher Targem Games were inspired by such “roguelikes” as Hades, Curse of the Dead Gods, Binding of Isaac, Dead Cells and Risk of Rain. We took the best, added our own ideas and got a game that will appeal to beginners and experienced players of the Rogue-lite genre alike.

About the game:

Folk Hero is an action-slasher with rogue-lite elements set in the world of Slavic fantasy. Explore the ever-changing island, find treasures, combine weapons and artifacts to defeat mythical creatures. Challenge your skills! One life, one attempt.

Release year: 2023

Genre: Action Roguelike, Hack and Slash, Roguelite

Platform: PC

Folk Hero on Steam

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The stories about Leshy, Domovoy and Rusalka have always seemed like legends, but in the world of Folk Hero fairy tales have come to life. More and more mysterious events are happening all around: animals disappear in the forests, villagers see mythical creatures, and a mysterious Island has appeared on the horizon…

Become a brave hero, and go to the island of Buyan to discover the cause of the mysterious occurrences! 

Game features:

  • Souls-lite style combat system. Use fast and powerful attacks, special moves, dash, block and parry to defeat your enemies. Responsive controls will allow you to instantly react to changes in battles. 
  • Unique enemies and bosses. Each enemy requires a different approach. Study their behavior so you don’t miss a single hit. Develop your skills as the Bosses will become a real test of your strength!
  • Builds. Combine character classes, weapons, artifacts and elemental runes to achieve maximum effectiveness in battle. Combine the runes to gain new features for your weapons!
  • Various in-game locations. Procedural level generation makes each of your Runs unique. Explore the Mysterious forest, Swamp, Wasteland and the Castle of Koschei. Each biome holds secrets, try to find them all.
  • Friendly fire. Enemies can attack each other! Force them to fight among themselves to avoid wasting precious health points.
  • Permanent death. One chance to reach the end. If the Hero dies on the island, he will remain there forever. On the Island you can earn points that will not expire after death, but will be used to upgrade new Heroes and abilities.
  • Pixel art. Beautiful retro-graphics and funny character animations will impress the fans of this style.