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Dragon Empire

An exciting logic game in the mysterious world of the ancient East. Have you always dreamed of building a great empire where people will be well-fed, educated and happy? Now you have to build a beautiful dream city in which everything will be subordinated to your plan. You choose how each building will look like. And all of them — from the mill to the imperial palace — will contribute to the growing prosperity of the empire, giving access to more valuable resources or providing useful bonuses.

Release year: 2012

Genre: Match3

Platform: PC, Mac

Hone your skills in puzzle mode and earn money for new buildings. Listen carefully to the voice of the people and help the residents to get useful improvements and hidden rewards. Build a unique city, fill it with happy people and realize your dream of a Dragon Empire.

Key features:

  • 20 buildings, each in 3 beautiful versions and with a unique appearance effect
  • Unlock all the characters and get all the trophies
  • Each building contains a task or a mini-game