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Pioneers against aliens! JustAxe is an exciting 2D platformer with puzzles, interactive environments and unusual setting! Solve riddles, combine your moves, and set out to save your hometown and possibly all of humanity… And don’t forget to take your axe with you!

About the game:

The game takes place in the distant future on planet Earth. The small town of New Soviets, hidden in the forest behind mountains, picturesque panel houses and power transmission towers, lives quietly and peacefully, trying to recreate the nearly mythical pages of history of the past.

But one day, the tranquillity of the citizens is disturbed by a mysterious invasion of creatures from another world. The hostile creatures have kidnapped the main heroine’s sister. Some time later, she receives a mysterious letter, the author of which seems to know how to resolve the situation… Grab your great-grandfather’s trophy axe and go on an adventure!

Release year: 2024

Genre: Action, Indie, Adventure

Platform: PC

JustAxe on Steam

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Game features:

Puzzles and interaction with the environment: there’s no telling what difficulties await you behind the next tree! Use the clues and possibilities of the environment to solve riddles and overcome obstacles that stand in your way.

Varied gameplay and mechanics: find new ways to use the weapons available to you, skillfully combine your moves, create unique tactics, and gain access to unexplored areas.

Various locations: from forests, mountains and waterfalls to a dark alien dimension. Navigate through winding paths and mazes, dodge traps, or flee from pursuit.

Loyal companion: discover new abilities and stashes in the most unexpected places with the help of a new friend. Don’t forget to return to previous levels, who knows where the treasure might be buried!

Dramatic story: you will travel through a colorful but very dangerous world. Unlock all the secrets of this amazing universe, pass the trials and find out if a little girl with an axe can save an entire town and find the reason behind the emergence of dangerous monsters?