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Kickback is a top-down shooter with roguelike elements set in a biopunk setting. Your hero is the pilot of a damaged organic combat vehicle which can only be controlled by the recoil of its own weapons. Eliminate waves of mutants, create combinations of weapons and perks to successfully move through the enclosed arena and fix the broken engine.



— Unique movement mechanics: the recoil from firing the selected weapon is the only way to control movement. Different types of weapons have their own features and characteristics, which greatly affects the movement physics and creates an unusual game experience. 

— Combat system: find various tactical solutions with numerous weapon combinations and offset the disadvantages of one weapon with another. Experiment with your build to experience the game in new ways or improve your personal results. 

— In-game achievements and progress system: get achievements to unlock the entire available arsenal. There are more than 50 achievements and 12 types of weapons. 

— Perk system: upgrade your weapons and hull using available upgrades. There are 60 options for weapons and 30 for the hull.

Permanent death: If the character dies, you will have to start from the beginning.

Enemy interaction scenarios: enemies can deal random damage and apply effects to each other, as well as act together against the player. Study the behavior of mutants and use their features to your advantage.

Wave attacks: fight off increasingly powerful waves of enemies and fight bosses in one of three arenas.

Visuals: authentic retro graphics and pixel art.

Release year: 2024

Genre: Action, Indie, Adventure

Platform: PC

Kickback on Steam