Action/Shooter from 2008. The events of the game take place in the post-apocalypse two years after the invasion of an alien race called the Swarm. The main character, a resident of Moscow, is infected and experiences an irreversible series of mutations that give him superhuman abilities.

Release year: 2008

Genre: Action/Shooter

Platform: PC, XBOX 360

In 2008, humanity faced a threat from the outside — huge alien ships entered the Earth’s atmosphere and attacked the largest cities. The alien race, later called the Swarm, absorbed hundreds of species over millennia of migrations across the universe. It turned out to be practically invulnerable to human weapons.

The governments of Earth responded with tactical nuclear strikes on the alien landing sites, but the Swarm didn’t suffer heavy losses. Humanity has lost its last hope of survival.

Key features:

  • Moscow as the battlefield
  • Close combat and firefight combination
  • You can use human and alien guns at the same time
  • Many different types of aliens — from small parasites to huge bosses
  • Each opponent has several unique tactics
  • Ability to change the DNA code of the main character